Optimizepress 2.0 Review

OptimizePress 2.0 Review


Optimizepress 2.0 is the latest version of their extremely popular WordPress theme and or plugin. I just bought and added the theme version to a new website I’m building that I’ll be using for Youtube advertising. I’m loving it so thought I’d write a review of my progress so far.

If you read my previous blog you’ll know that I had a few struggles getting Optimizepress 2.0 installed. That was mainly down to me using an older Mac operating system however and nothing to do with the theme itself. Optimise Press 2.0 is a fairly large file so I had to jump through a few hoops to get it set up. If you have a more up to date computer you’ll find it pretty easy.

First of all I should explain why I felt the need to add a more sophisticated theme. That’s really to do with having a site that’s compliant for use with Google Adwords. Without going into too much detail, that means I need to create custom landing and thank you pages. Optimizepress 2.0 makes that very easy.

The theme and plugin provide a number of very modern templates that are also highly customisable – without the need for coding. These include: Landing and thank you pages, optin boxes, membership site and blog building templates and much more.

Optimizepress 2.0 - Theme or Plugin?

op2You can create entire sites using these templates or just single pages, which can be added to an existing WordPress theme. Whether you use the Optimizepress 2.0 theme or the plugin will depend on what you want to do. If you have an existing site and just want to change its look, feel and features you would probably go for the plugin. If you are starting from scratch then the theme is probably more suitable.

Either way when you buy Optimizepress 2.0 you get both. You have the option to buy it for either 3, 10, or an unlimited number of sites. You are provided with the appropriate number of API licence codes for the option you choose.

It is, as I mentioned before, quite a large file so unless you have a lot of available upload space in your WordPress account (64mb) you’ll need to install via FTP. That’s where I had minor problems because my Mac operating system doesn’t support the free Filezilla software needed to do that. I did it on my PC laptop however, so not a big problem - just a little inconvenient.

Anyway with all that done, what’s Optimizepress like? Well, it’s very good. A lot of my friends in the industry use it because it lets you set up very modern looking pages and sites. There is obviously a learning curve but the included training tutorials are excellent. If you’re reasonably experienced with WordPress it’s pretty intuitive.

The Optimisepress 2.0 Overview

op3I have a fairly specific purpose behind using it and as a member of SFM I have a lot of available help. I’m also able to refer to sites built by fellow members who are using Optimize Press 2.0 for similar reasons. So I can look at them and refer back to all the included templates and easily work out which does what.

So how does it work? Essentially you work on a page-by-page basis. You select a starting template depending on what the page is for. Inside that template you can add or remove elements. These elements are in the form of additional templates and there are a lot of them. They include Optin boxes that can be integrated with your autoresponder, content blocks, contact forms, dividers, graphics and pop ups. Each has a variety of designs to choose from. You can add videos, images and text to these elements.

If you are using Optimisepress 2.0 as a full theme you can add your navigation menus, branding and widgets depending on the template you select. It’s so flexible in fact that it’s a good idea to spend time planning the look and feel your after first. The chances are that whatever that look and feel is, Optimizepress 2.0 will get you there.

Optimizepress also offer additional templates via a membership option. There are further costs involved if you want to extend the support access beyond the first year.

That’s it then. Overall Optimizepress 2.0 is very good. Everything in both plugin and theme versions is very “on trend”. It allows you to easily build ultra modern looking sites and pages in line with what’s working today in digital marketing. Highly recommended.

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