Stuart Ross Answers Frequently Asked Questions

These videos feature Stuart Ross co-founder of Six Figure Mentors (SFM). In them he answers the questions he's asked most about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, the internet industry and specifically SFM.

One the first questions many people quite rightly ask about any online business is  - "Is This an Internet Scam?"

In this video Stuart explains why this question used to make him feel a little defensive but that understands why people ask it. In the video he offers his pointers on how to identify and avoid anything scammy online. He also outlines the SFM's risk free application and guarantee policy and why you should always make sure those are in place before signing up for anything.

In the second video Stuart explains the features and benefits of the affiliate marketing model. He explains why that's where he started and why it's the best option for most people looking to get started online.

The fourth video in the series answers the question "What Makes SFM different from others?"

It's essential that you get the best level of support possible with any new business venture you join. In this video Stuart covers the extremely high levels of support, coaching and mentoring his company provides its students, affiliates and partners. This is done both directly and indirectly through the community based set up of SFM

What makes affiliate marketing such a great business model is the sheer range of products and services that commissions can be earned from. Join Stuart on this video as he gives his insights into the types of products you can sell online as an affiliate.

The SFM digital business system is designed from the top down to ensure that a member has everything in place to start and run an online business. Whether this is with SFM as their affiliate or with your own or other affiliate products (or doing both - best of both worlds) Here Stuart covers the question " How long does it take to set up?"

There are many ways to do internet marketing - some are paid and others are free. In this short video Stuart tackles the question "Do I need a marketing Budget?"

Since a most of SFM's members are starting their online businesses to create more time freedom: To escape from 9-5 routines, corporate roller coasters or just to be able to spend more time looking after kids or relatives, they want to know, realistically, how much time they will need to spend on their new business. In this one Stuart answers that question.

Lastly: Since many people are put off by the idea of selling they want to know - "Do I need to do any personal selling" - If that's you, you're going to like this one !

SFM membership is by application only. There is a $29.95 application fee which carries a 30 day, no questions refund guarantee. If you would like to apply you can visit the application page here