My name is Dave Menzies. I’m a digital entrepreneur, affiliate marketer, photographer, writer, musician and teacher. I show individuals how to use the internet to create independence and better lifestyles by leveraging the technology and resources we have at our disposal in these amazing times.

I was made in Glasgow, Scotland in 1964. Since then I’ve seen a lot of changes and I guess they have all played a part in me becoming a digital entrepreneur.

I can remember our family’s first colour TV. I think we had 3 channels to choose from back then but it still seemed incredible. I watched the moon landing on that.

Later I was around when Betamax and VHS fought the home video battle. Later still my Dad, a teacher brought home a Sinclair ZX81 computer. You had to plug it into a TV to see anything and you had to actually program it yourself even to play a laughably simple tennis game.

From those days things seemed to move pretty fast to where we are now – technology wise at least.

Looking back It’s amazing how quickly so many aspects of the world have gone digital. It’s affected everything I love – photography, music, communication, learning. It’s all accessible now on little multi function devices that we carry in our pockets.

When I started my working life there were no computers – no email, no Facebook, no Google, no Youtube. No Internet. It’s hard to imagine a world without those now.


All of those things have quickly become so much a part of our lives that they have changed our world beyond recognition. That has provided us with opportunities that just didn’t exist not too long ago.

For me and thousands like me those opportunities have allowed us to live much more independently. By acquiring the skills and leveraging the systems used in internet marketing you really can work from anywhere and stop exchanging your time for money.

I began to investigate making an online income when the recession of 2008 started to bite. At that point I was a business development manager with a large Audio Visual services company.

When clients budgets for events and presentations started to shrink and jobs started to go I could see the writing on the wall. To cut a long story short I was first made redundant in 2010 then again in 2012. By then I was in my late 40’s and it was clearly going to be tough to get another well paying job in my industry (or any other)

I did the usual things an online newbie does: In 2009 I bought an e-commerce webstore franchise and tried to build it in my spare time. I made a little money but nothing like what I’d been led to believe was possible. The training and business model was outdated and unworkable in the Google world.

I sold it back and reinvested in an online business opportunity. That went very well for around a year. I’d more than replaced my income and was only working a couple of hours a day from home to do it. Then it ran into problems and the money dried up so I was back to the drawing board.

I’d seen the possibilities though. I had made online sales and learned a little about affiliate marketing and the online business world.

If you’re not familiar with how affiliate marketing works it’s quite simple. You sell other people’s products and services online and earn commissions for doing so. It’s a little like a franchise in that everything has been done for you. All you need to do is put products, services and information in front of the people who are looking for them.

Anyone can do this. It’s easy to set up, free or very cheap to start and you can do it from anywhere. What’s the catch? I hear you ask….

Well the catch is that there are a bewildering number of ways to advertise online and an almost limitless number of things to sell. You need some tools, systems and training to do well. There is no get rich quick, magic button to press. It’s like learning any other trade – you need to learn it.

I was introduced to The Six Figure Mentors when I was looking for A. High quality products to promote as an affiliate B. Training in Internet marketing and C. The systems and tools: Websites, landing pages, graphics creators, blogging, platforms etc that are needed.

They had the lot. So now I am an affiliate partner and student of theirs. I recommend their products as I believe they are the best in the world for anyone looking to get into the online industry.

I also recommend mentorship and Internet marketing training products from Satori Prime that I use myself. Using the SFM and DEA platform I have created several other affiliate websites, which promote Guitar lessons and products, Energy Saving products and Soft furnishings.

Put simply the internet enables us to reach out to millions – billions in fact of people. It never sleeps and it knows no geographical boundaries. We are all buying more and more online and the economy is changing accordingly.

Taking advantage of this and learning how to operate online means we can take complete control of our own lives. Now we are in control.