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The Agricultural and Industrial revolutions paved the way for automation, “working smart” and leveraging new technology.  Now we are at the start of The Digital revolution - some call it the 4th Industrial revolution - and it presents challenges and opportunities the human race has never seen before. To thrive (not just survive) in it we need a new mindset and education that equips us to deal with a world that is changing exponentially. The great news is that if you are prepared to  jump in there are leaders and communities out there providing everything you need.

This website is dedicated to introducing you to them and potentially to a lifestyle you may never have thought possible.

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    -The Ultimate Lifestyle Business Model Where You Get Paid For Helping Businesses Market & Sell Their Products Online! (You Can Start Today

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    Video 2

    The$300 Billion Opportunity Where You Can Import & Sell In-Demand Products Without Ever Leaving Your Home & Leverage The Power Of Amazon To Sell Them On Complete Autopilot!

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    Video 3 -What Is Too Good To Be True & What's It Going To Realistically Take To Start From Scratch & Make A Full-Time Income Online!

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    Video 4

    Special Bonus -Discover A Powerful Automated Selling System... That People All Around The World Are Using To Grow Recession Proof Income Streams From Scratch!

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My Experience

Having been involved in the online world for some years my passion is to help individuals and businesses avoid the potential pitfalls and create sustainable, lifestyle businesses

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“Dave is a great person to know if you want to get involved in online marketing. He is vastly experienced in this field and will always make time for anyone interested in making money online.”
-- Bobby Lawrie

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